Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I was supposed to just discreetly email these photos to shensaddiction@gmail.com as an entry to the lip ice contest, but I was bored and haven't blogged in a REAAAAAAALLY long time, I decided to make a blog entry out of it. Anyway about the FOTD, this is one of the looks I usually sport for work when I was an emergency room nurse. Yes, including the shocking pink lip color. This may be too bright for some people seeing as I work in a hospital but I have been robbed off the opportunity to dress up for work when I decided to be a nurse and this is my way of making up for it. By the way, please excuse the ratty shirt, brows that desperately need grooming, and the girl-stache. Hahahaha

I normally prefer elaborate eyeshadow looks paired with a toned-down lip color but for work I do the opposite mainly because I like to take my time in piling on different eyeshadow colors and blending them together. I was having a hard time (aka being dim-witted haha) with my cousin's SLR, so I wasn't able to capture the real color of the lipstick. I swear it's brighter and pinker in person, I think the flash sort of washed out the color and I wasn't able to figure out how to turn it off hahaha.

-Revlon colorstay foundation mixed with st ives moisturizer
-Palladio Rice Powder
-Marykay concealer in light ivory
-Benefit dandelion

-urban decay primer potion
-the orange-peachy color with chunky orange sparkles from the
lancome 4sunset palette on lid and lower lash line
-ellana mpm in laugh on upper and lower lash lines, applied with a few drops of glycerine-water mixture
-maybelline volum express mascara

-alba vanilla lip balm
-the color collection spa therapy lipstick in rose shower (from the tupperware catalog haha)

Taken with my camera phone because the bulky SLR is not too camwhore-friendly hahaha:

And this is how I usually smile for pictures hahaha

Please click here for the contest details. Get a chance to win a lip ice gift pack! Deadline is on December 23, 2010. And to follow the contest mechanics, I find ways to make my days brighter by looking at, talking about, and shopping for make up. Seriously!