Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going Lip Balm Crazy

I'm not really a lip balm person. I just need one that works which i can use to prime my lips before putting on lipstick and at night before going to sleep. My then all-around lipbalm was the eos egg-shaped one, which I admit I bought because the packaging was so darn cute and not because of its moisturizing properties, which don't get me wrong was actually good. But then one morning I suddenly woke up with red, swollen, windburnt lips that hurt like hell, thus making me go lip balm crazy. And since I am very bored right now, I decided to make a mini review on the lip balms I now own in my attempt to get rid of windburnt lips.

The CO bigelow Mentha lip tint. This is actually a lip tint but I have relatives in the US who swear by this during the winter season, and one would think that this would provide me more than enough hydration, living here in hot, humid manila, but noooo it did nothing for the windburn. Probably because this tastes so yummy that I'm unconsciously licking it off that I'm npt giving it a chance to work its magic.

Mentholatum Lip Gel. I came across a blog entry many months ago that this is an inexpensive alternative to the kiehl's lip balm, but since I don't own the latter I can't agree nor disagree with that blogger. Anyway, I tried to use this before bed and though it provided immediate windburn relief, It doesn't last very long on the lips and when the product dries up, the pain and swelling comes back. This smells like tiger balm (but it goes away after a while) and has the consistency of petroleum jelly.

Lip ice Sheer Color. This is one of my favorite lip balms, because this provides the lipcolor and staying power of a lip tint but because it's a lip balm, it doesn't dry out your lips. What i love about this product is that it gives me smudge-free lipcolor and it doesn't feel sticky nor heavy.

I forgot the name of this product, but I do know that is also a lip ice product and is a tinted lip balm. I have had this for quite a while now, I bought this in Hongkong but this is also available here in Manila, although this shade (wild coral) is not. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but in person this lip balm is orangey-pink in color. This goes on a little sheer, and you have to swipe it on about 5 times for the color to show up on the lips, but it's ok because like the sheer color one, it's not sticky nor heavy on the lips.

Nivea Essential Care. The simplest lip balm in the bunch. White (but goes on clear), scentless, and provided immediate relief from windburn. And cheap too! I think this only costs a little over 100 php in watson's. It's waxy and heavy on the lips but not too greasy.

Venus and Mars Smooch Lip Detox. This is also a favorite, I'm on my second tube now. My back up lip balm, I sometimes use this before bed or when I'm "detoxing" my lips from lipstick. I rarely use this as a primer for my lipcolors because this is too greasy that it'll turn even the mattest ones into a lip gloss-y finish. This would have sufficed in curing my windburnt lips that I didn't need to go on a crazy lip balm shopping spree if it weren't for the strong peppermint scent which on ordinary days I love but stung (a lot!!!!) when i tried putting it on at the time.

Maybelline Baby Lips Glow in baby pink. This smells like gummy bears! Not too waxy, but leaves some sort of waxy residue on the lips if overapplied. I bought this thinking it'll be like the lip ice sheer color and it is, but unlike it this leaves on a very, very sheer shade of pink (almost non-existent lol) on the lips. There's another shade available, I think it's called pink blast, and maybe that would have showed up better on my lips.

Human Heart Nature lip balm in Tutti Frutti. I have had this for quite a while too, but I don't think I will repurchase when this runs out because even if it's actually a great balm for healthy lips, (did nothing for my windburn), there's nothing too remarkable about it either. However, I like it that it's not too waxy, provides an adequate amount of moisture, smells like juicy fruit gum, and a great primer for lipsticks too.

Carmex Cherry Click stick. This too stings a little when applied but it didn't hurt as much as the venus and mars one. The cherry scent is nice but somehow I can still smell the distinct carmex smell which prevents me from using this more often. It does its job well though, and moisturizes the lips for quite a long time.

I won't be shopping for lip balms in a really long time haha. I still have windburn though, but only during the times that i fail to reapply one of them lip balms when the product has already dried up on my lips, like when i wake up in the morning or when i am too busy at work.