Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Attempt at an EOTD Entry

And it was harder than it looks. I actually made two looks, did a different color for each eye. But that's not the hardest part, photographing my creations and the stuff I used was. I know what you're thinking, I mean how hard could taking pictures of make up and one's self be? But I found it so frustrating, the colors not showing up the way I want them too, the camera's flash washing out all the colors, and the pictures too dark when I turned the flash off. Maybe I should have used a base to make the colors pop out more and I should have used more eyeshadow. LOL.

Shades of orange on the left (your left LOL), pink on the right

Yep it gets worse. I really suck at taking pictures :(

4 sunset palette for the orange eye, some random makeup palette for the pink eye, both from Lancome. Yay for free makeup samples!

I don't have a black pencil liner so i just used the black metallic eyeshadow on the random Lancome palette on the bottom lash line of both eyes, then applied the darkest orange and pink color on top of it. Skipped the mascara so that removing the eye make up afterwards won't be too difficult. I know, I need more practice. I usually use two colors when doing eye makeup and this is the first time that I tried 4. I tried to empasize my outer v, just like what Maui and the youtube tutorial girls usually do, but obviously I failed to do that. No, it's not the camera and my faulty picture-taking skills' fault this time.


  1. heya fetz!

    haha me too i have d hardest time taking pictures of my eye makeup.. that's why i don't have much EOTDs on my blog :P

    lookin forward to more EOTDs ;)

  2. thanks mia! i need to practice, practice, practice pa, both on the picture taking and the eyeshadow! hahaha