Monday, November 23, 2009

MESA Photoshoot

The cast and crew (L-R Miel Nkanta, Fetz Serdena, Leia Gutierrez, Ego Faylona (on the chair), Alexandra Lapa, Sarah Galaroza)

Photography: Ego Faylona and Neil Cuestas
Stylist: Alexandra Lapa

Gown by: Mae Aguinaldo/MESA Designer Wear & Stylist's own

Models: Sarah Galaroza and Miel Nkanta

Make-up: Leia Gutierrez and Fetz Serdena

Location: The Living Room Studio


This was my very first photoshoot, both as a makeup artist and spectator (LOL). Please click here and here for the non-makeup part of the shoot.

I had an awesome time. It didn’t feel like work at all. I think the experience was comparable to a poker game or shooting hoops with the boys (if I were a guy that is LOL). Had I finished college and gotten a real job four years ago like I was supposed to and if I had more money, this would be the perfect time for a career shift. My friend, the stylist for this shoot is taking styling classes (?) and we can do our portfolios and get famous (LOL) together. But my nursing career hasn’t quite started just yet, and make up classes would cost a lot of money. Not to mention the “school supplies”. But I still want to take make up classes and shop for “school supplies”, maybe in the near future when I have more money? Anyway, right now youtube videos and beauty blogs would have to suffice. I really, really need to learn contouring eyebrow lining and shaping, and how to apply concealer properly.

I was given a week’s notice to practice, but on the morning of the shooting day, I still found myself watching make up tutorials on youtube. Yep I’m the queen of cramming LOL. I was nervous. I mean sure I’ve been dabbling with make up for the past 4 years and lately all I do in my spare time is read beauty blogs and watch tutorials but this is the first time that I have been asked to do a certain look

(because usually I just stare at my eye shadows until inspiration comes LOL), plus it’s going to be photographed and will appear in somebody’s portfolio. Yikes. Anyway, here are the pictures:

We had a little problem with the foundation. As you can see from the pictures, the model, Miel's skin color is super different as compared to mine, and since I am not a professional makeup artist, I don't have multiple shades of foundation in my kit. The darkest foundation we could borrow still looked a shade lighter than her skin. Thankfully when we did the test shots, the foundation blended with her skin tone.


-Revlon Mineral Mousse (?) Foundation in the darkest shade. I wasn’t sure about the name because it wasn’t mine and I think I would like to purchase this for myself when I get tired of my tinted sunblock + mineral make up routine because like what I have said in the previous paragraph, it blends beautifully on the skin.

-Ellana Mineral Finishing Powder (Oil Absorbing Finish) in Pumpkin Pie Latte..I think. LOL because again, this powder is not from my own kit but I also want to buy a jar of this for myself because it didn’t change the color of the foundation, even though the powder looked way too light for the model’s skin tone, and I think it could be a cheaper alternative for the Mac Blot Powder which I have been lemming on for the past 2 years now LOL

-E.l.f. tone-correcting concealer in Apricot Beige

-The Body Shop blush-on (Of course it still wasn’t mine LOL)

-Some highlighter thingamajig from The Body Shop, applied on the brow bone, cheekbones, nose bridge, and chin.


-Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. Still not mine. LOL Does UDPP come in another shade? When I went over to a friend’s house to play with make up, she had a tube of UDPP and I swear it was a yellowish shade. Sin is sort of pinkish/beigish I think? Anyway I want a tube of this baby too! Unless I can find a primer that works, is cheaper, and locally available first.

-Lancome eye shadow in limelight and Careline eye shadow powder applied all over the lids, inner corners, and lower lashline

-Matte black eye shadow from the Patrick Rosas smoky eye shadow trio on the outer v and crease

-Maybelline studio something pencil eyeliner in black. Still not mine.

-Maybelline Lash Stiletto. Miel had very nice lashes that I didn’t need to use an eyelash curler on her, and she looked like she had false lashes on after I applied the mascara. Lucky, lucky girl!!

I exaggerated the outer v a little. So I guess I should call it an outer y instead? LOL I’m such a dork. Anyway I was having second thoughts about the outer v thing because I still wasn’t so good at it. The stylist wanted green smoky eyes, and I was deciding between two of the eye shadow styles I have done a hundred times: first was a dark green color on the lid and lower lash line and thick black eyeliner. The second choice was light green shadow as a base then dark green on the crease. I’m glad I took a risk and did an outer v instead. It’s a fashion photo shoot anyway, and the stylist did say she wanted a dramatic eye make up.

Before the unleashing of Miel's fabulous hair (Not really one of my flattering angles I know LOL)



-Clinique Lipstick in Perfect Beige

-Nude-pink lipliner from The Face Shop.

I love love her hair! And she’s a modeling natural! I love how she does her “model” face in front of the camera and when we’re not shooting, she’s actually really down to earth and goofy.

Pictures grabbed from The crappy shots (including the goofy picture and close up ones of Miel's face) are from my digital camera.


  1. Hi Fetz!

    Congrats on the shoot! Fun noh? sana we an just do this instead oh hang in the hospital LOL I wish!!

    I think you did a great job! :) And sana we can be classmates in makeup school lol but i do agree it is quite costly. We got into the "cheapest" school not knowing that there was going to be another 6-8,000 for the finals. Plus if you dont have a lot of stuff oh gosh, the supplies will kill your wallet :( I hope this works out for me or else I will regret enrolling LOL

    I read the entire post hehe. The UDPP has sin which is more shimmery the other one is the original primer. I think artdeco has a primer it costs around 500+. Postponed my classes until january but when I atteneded for the fris day, we were told not to get chapstick cause its more drying daw-anything with petroleum makes the lips more dry daw. ayun lang hehehe :)

  2. Thanks Maui! For reading the entire post and for the compliment! I miss chatting about make up with you! Hehehe Anyway you've got mad make up skills naman to begin with so it'll work out for you :) Oh and about the green eye makeup, it's the plainer sister of the one you did on me on our barbie session hehe pero that one showed up prettier on pictures, even with my crappy digicam. maybe it's the non-glittery udpp and matte coastal scents shadows? I've read in one of the many beauty blogs I subscribe to na matte looks better on pics daw

  3. medyo crazy kasi pag shimmer hehe I like shimmer but as with foundation mas maganda matte kasi flash can bounce off anything that shimmery :)