Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strawberry Fudge

I was bored and decided to play with my stash. Strawberry Fudge is a Clinique eyeshadow trio I have that I do not get to use a lot, not because the colors are not wearable for daily use, but because I sort of forgot that I had it. Mine is a sample (from those Clinique gift promo things), that's why it's a trio but I think the full-sized shadow set is a duo. Still with me? LOL Anyway, just an EOTD because I was too lazy to put on foundation.

Super ungroomed brows!

Things used:
-E.l.f. tone-correcting concealer then clarifying face powder on top, both in Apricot Beige
-Sinful Colors Eyeshadow stick in Diamonds and Pearls as a base
-Pink on the lid and lower lashline, dark brown on the crease, white on the brow bone, from the Strawberry Fudge Trio
-Black eyeshadow on the outer v and lower lashline from the g-lish smoky eye trio
-Maybelline liquid eyeliner

My lovable BENQ reflected on the dirty mirror LOL

I skipped the mascara so that make up removal won't be too much of a pain in the ass later on. The pink shadow had gold sparkles and looks almost exactly like the Careline pink loose powder eyeshadow, which I also have. Maybe that's why I don't use this trio a lot.

In natural lighting

My camera washed out the colors as usual. I even tried to take pictures outside in our backyard so that I will be in natural lighting. It did work on the eyeshadow pallettes though.


  1. oooh thanks for reminding me! dami ko rin samples ng eyeshadow that i havent used! magamit nga hahaha :)

  2. That's my problem with my current set up, I don't have a lot of shadows naman pero I end up not using some of them kasi nasa ilalim ng kit ko. Lahat ng makeup ko kasi nasa isang malaking vanity bag lang. And that is why I need a traincase. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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